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Anti-Discriminatory Practice

We are proud to work with a wide ​range of clients, who present with a wide range of difficulties and unique histories.

This includes clients who are seeking therapy which considers spirituality, religion, sexuality and sexual orientation, gender identity, cultural heritage and identity, mental / physical health and ability, socio-economic status and age.

We recognise that we will never be able to understand the unique experiences of many different individuals, however we strive to work alongside our clients to experience their life journey and understand the challenges that have been faced through a clients' narrative.  Maintaining a curious position, we do not make judgements of our clients and instead explore the many different experiences from a position of congruence.

Where we consider, following triage and/or assessment, that we may not be best placed to support a clients' needs, we will actively signpost a client to avenues we believe may be better placed to offer therapeutic support.

Sadly, all of our current venues are up a flights of stairs and therefore present challenges for any clients with mobility difficulties. In these instances, we are equipped to offer webcam / IM / email sessions as required.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding your needs regarding our approach to diversity and inclusion.