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Stepping Stones Counselling and Psychotherapy Limited

Our Team at Stepping Stones

Our Directors

Rebekah Golds-Jones

Managing Director 

Founder of Stepping Stones.

Consultant Psychotherapist and Clinical Lead

Certified EMD​R Therapist

CISM Practitioner

Clinical Supervisor

Trauma Therapist

EFT Therapist

PhD Student (Psychotherapy) - 2nd year

Rebekah is our Managing Director, and Founded Stepping Stones in 2017 after working alongside police and ambulance personnel within her work as a Senior Nurse in mental health services over the previous 24 years. Rebekah is also married to Gareth (see right) and has supported him and their family through his service as an NHS Paramedic.

She began retraining as a therapist in 2010, studying between the Tavistock Clinic in London, and University of Brighton to ultimately achieve her Masters with Merit. Her thesis for her Masters focused on therapists working with 999 staff who become suicidal, and it is this research which has seen her asked to major 999 events to speak about the discoveries she made, particularly in connection with the benefits of EMDR and Ecotherapy.

  Rebekah is now studying with University of Central Lancashire to achieve her PhD (Psychotherapy) and is writing her thesis around the clients' experience of psychodynamic therapy which is conducted in natural environments.

Within her therapeutic career, Rebekah has worked in both the NHS and private practice and brings a wealth of expertise to sessions as a Psychodynamically trained Psychotherapist who has extended her skills to include EMDR, Trauma Therapy, CISM work (Debrief and Crisis Incident support),  Mindfulness, EFT, and ACT approaches. 

Rebekah is a Clinical Supervisor and Lecturer, and has taught on a variety of courses over the past 20 years, including Counselling training courses. 

Gareth Jones

Non-Executive Director

HCPC Registere​d Paramedic

Clinical Educator

Gareth is a fully qualified Paramedic with 20 years experience of working at a range of levels in NHS emergency services.

He is a keen advocate of mental wellbeing within the ambulance service, and maintains a keen interest by involving himself in both wellbeing initiatives within his employment, as well as by supporting the work of the team at Stepping Stones as a Non-Executive Director.

Gareth currently works on a Specialist Response car in the ambulance service, having previously worked his way through the 'ranks' to become an OTL (Operational Team Leader). He is a Bronze Commander and has attended many major incidents within this role. 

As a qualified teacher, he has supported a range of students making their first steps within the ambulance service and holds dear the ethos of providing the patient with the highest quality care in their time of need.

Working with and Supporting the Directors

Karen Polie​

Business Manager

Karen is now studying towards her qualifying Counselling course and originally came on board to Stepping Stones to expand her use of skills within first stage assessments.

Having done a fantastic job with this, Karen has moved into a leadership position within the service, to additionally utilise her training and skills within the Marketing and Business Development arena, as well as in our Education provision.

Karen works closely with Rebekah in supporting the service to continue to develop, and for all non-clinical aspects of day to day life here at Stepping Stones to run as smoothly as possible.  Within this, Karen liaises with all of our stakeholders, and additionally brings new business through advertising and ensuring all of our social media platform pages are up to date and active.

Sian Humphrey

Worthing Receptionist and Team Administrator

Sian is our wonderful team administrator, who supports the admin side of the day to day running of Stepping Stones, ensuring that our client records, calendars and referrals are effectively managed to ensure the smoothest journey for both our current and potential clients, as well as the team itself.

Sian also co-ordinates our reception at Worthing two days a week, answering the door to clients / visitors and ensuring the smooth running of the venue.

Sian is currently taking some time out from her qualifying Counselling course, and hopes to return over the next year.

Our Clinical Supervisor Team

 Vanessa Tombs​

Supervisor - Trained Therapists

Senior Counsellor

EMDR Practitioner and Trauma Therapist

Vanessa is a highly trained Counsellor who is additionally an EMDR Therapist and Trauma Therapist.

She has worked with clients who have experienced trauma over several years and offers a wealth of understanding and skill in supporting clients to feel able to explore and work through their life experiences in a manageable way.

Vanessa is also an experienced supervisor, who supports some of our team in their work both with clients but also in terms of providing supervision for supervisors.

Marisa Jakab

Lead Therapist for Student Therapists and Student Supervision

 Senior Psychodynamic Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

Marisa is a psychodynamically trained Counsellor, who completed her PGDip at the University of Brighton and has gained a wealth of experience in working with young adults in particular, since this point.

With a long background in working within the finance industry, Marisa brings a vast amount of knowledge and understanding around the importance of training, and leads our student placements and supervision / mentoring here at Stepping Stones.

Marisa works closely with Rebekah to ensure the service remains a positive experience for all of our students, and that their placement experience is the best one possible, which meets their individual learning needs.

Janine McCorry

Supervisor - Trained Therapists

Senior Counsellor 

 REWIND and Trauma Therapist

Janine is a well trained, Integrative Counsellor who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role, and leads the provision of 1:1 Supervision for our Trained Therapists, alongside Rebekah.

Janine has worked with a wide range of clients over the years, both in EAP services and as a private practice. She is currently adding additional training to her repertoire by training as a Trauma Therapist.

Janine tends to use a Solution-Focused Approach in EAP work, which she has had great success within and has found to be highly beneficial where a client is only provided with a small amount of sessions by their employer.

               Our Therapist Team

Del Flint

Senior Counsellor

Substantial experience in working with 999 staff

Del is a Person-centred Counsellor who has a wealth of experience in working with first responders, as well as clients who present with a wide range of mental health and wellbeing difficulties.

He brings skills and experience in using CBT, Solution-Focused and trauma focused approaches in his work, and harnesses  therapeutic approaches and techniques in a way which enables his clients to focus upon challenges in a constructive and pro-active way.

Fiona Small

Senior Counsellor

Advanced Integrative Counsellor

Additional training in CBT

DBT and Play Therapy

Fiona is an Integrative Counsellor who has continued to add to her repetoire of therapeutic knowledge and skills by undertaking additional training in CBT, DBT and Play Therapy.

She has a growing level of expertise in working with a range of clients including children and young people, and has worked in both short and long term therapy.  

Fiona is one of our longest standing therapists at Stepping Stones, and has built a wealth of experience in working with 999 clients in addition.

Sue McGi​nley

Senior Counsellor

Additional training in Creative Therapies

Sue is a Person-centred Counsellor who has worked across a broad range of services and comes to Stepping Stones holding a wealth of knowledge, skill and expertise in working with clients who have a variety of needs.

Sue has a particular interest in creative techniques within therapy, and uses these approaches, amongst many others, to support clients to explore aspects of their lives which have previously felt unreachable.

Paddy Hare

Senior Counsellor

Paddy is a Person-centred Counsellor who brings to Stepping Stones a wealth of experience in working with people who have experienced addiction and trauma in their lives.

He has worked with clients both in short and longer term therapy, and uses a range of therapeutic interventions to ensure that sessions offer the best opportunity for exploration and growth.

Ruth Phibbs

Psychodynamic Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

Ruth is a Psychodynamic Counsellor who brings a special interest in working with those who have experienced trauma in their lives.

Ruth is a very approachable and gentle therapist, who has experience in working with those who are struggling with a range of mental health conditions, as well as bereavement and sexual intimacy difficulties.

Jo Grigg

L5 Integrative Counsellor, Qualified Hypnotherapist

Additional training in: CBT, Creative Therapies, Bereavement Counselling

Jo is an Integrative Counsellor who originally worked on placement with us here at Stepping Stones, and moved into working as a qualified therapist in 2021.

Jo offers a wealth of skill in working with people who are experiencing life changes and distress using both practical approaches such as CBT as well as person centred based approaches, and has extended skills in working with those who are bereaved.

Richard Berry

L4 Integrative Counsellor

Richard is one of our long standing Counsellors,  who was originally taught / supervised by Rebekah before joining the team as a qualified therapist in 2019.

Richard is a person centred therapist who harnesses different therapeutic approaches to accentuate his work with clients in a way which suits their needs. This has included some Walk and Talk based sessions, where he has been able to use CBT based interventions to reduce phobias, and to provide coping strategies for anxiety.


Our Student Counsellors


Student Counsellor

Stella is a second year student at the University of Brighton, and is studying for her Post Graduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Psychotherapeutic Counselling qualification.

She is clinically supervised by Rebekah, who is our Consultant Psychotherapist and Clinical Lead.


Student Counsellor

Jack is a second year student at the University of Brighton, and is studying for his Post Graduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Psychotherapeutic Counselling qualification.

He is clinically supervised by Marisa, who is one of our Senior Counsellors.


Student Counsellor

Naomi is a trainee TA Counsellor, who is studying with The Link Centre, Sussex.

She is clinically supervised by Marisa, who is one of our Senior Counsellors, as well as an external specialist TA supervisor.


Student Counsellor

Cat is a trainee TA Counsellor, who is studying with The Link Centre, Sussex.

She is clinically supervised by Marisa, who is one of our Senior Counsellors, as well as an external specialist TA supervisor.

Specialist Team Support

New team member

joining soon!


Financial Administrator

Harvey supports the team by dealing with all financial aspects of the business, co-ordinating the invoicing and payments systems including those for large contracts.

Harvey comes to us with a flair and passion for all things Media, and will often help us out with website and IT issues as well as supporting Karen's work in advertising.