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Stepping Stones Counselling and Psychotherapy Limited

Our Services and Fees

Counselling and Psychotherapy, including CBT, ACT and DBT

EMDR and Trauma Focused Therapy

Fee per session:

Rebekah - Consultant Psychotherapist: £65

All Senior Counsellors: £50

Counsellors: £45

Student Counsellors: £30

Couples sessions: £75 

EMDR - Rebekah - £65 (50 min session)

EMDR Therapists: £55 (50 min session)

Trainee EMDR Therapists: £45 (50 min session)

999 employees and NHS staff - £35 ( based on 12 weeks)

Reduced Fee clients - by negotiation with Rebekah


Reduced fee rate for Student Counsellors / Psychotherapists / Counselling Psychologists is set at £50 and will be with Rebekah (based on weekly therapy only)

For initial consultation appointments please send us an email on: [email protected]

or send an instant message using the button below:

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