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Specialist Interventions for all 999 staff

In 2017, Rebekah founded Stepping Stones Counselling and Psychotherapy, with the intention to provide low cost therapy for all 999 staff, no matter their role.

Since this time, she has worked with a large number of 999 members of staff, additionally being directly referred to by a large Ambulance service.

Rebekah has conducted a research thesis during 2019/20 which focuses upon the increasing rates of suicide amongst first responders, and is due to publish this research in late 2020/early 2021. She has recently been invited to present and speak about her research, and 999 work, at a large 999 event in the Autumn of 2020.

Rebekah has additionally completed CISM training and hopes to extend her offer of therapeutic work into de-brief and crisis management support, again at a reduced fee.