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Stepping Stones Counselling and Psychotherapy Limited

Specialist Therapy for all 999 Personnel 

and their immediate family members

In 2017, our Managing Director, Rebekah Golds-Jones, founded Stepping Stones to provide low cost specialist therapy for first responders after being married to a Paramedic for many years, as well as having worked on in both the Police and Ambulance Street Triage mental health services in Sussex. 

Since this point, Rebekah and the team have worked with hundreds - approaching one thousand! - of ambulance, police and fire personnel from all over the UK, and have provided a range of therapies to support the improvement of their wellbeing, with huge success.  This has been with clients who have privately referred to Stepping Stones, those who have been referred by their employer, those who have come to us via charitable trusts and those who have subscribed to The Green Heart of Stepping Stones.  

Rebekah has become a Police Care Champion, and her work is also recognised by The Ambulance Service Charity (TASC). She is one of the speakers at the Emergency Services Show in September 2022, where she will be speaking about her research thesis around first responders and suicide.

Privately referring 999 personnel are entitled to see our therapists at a vastly reduced rate of £35 per session.

Ambulance personnel may alternatively choose to subscribe to The Green Heart of Stepping Stones, as detailed in the tabs above. 

At Stepping Stones, we work within a 12 session model with all of our private clients, as we believe that this is the most clinically effective amount of time within which a therapeutic alliance can be formed which enables clients to benefit most from their therapeutic journey.

The reduced rate applies to all 999 employees, their children and spouses, and for online as well as face to face sessions.

Stepping Stones is a very unique and specialist service, where the therapists understand the life of 999 personnel - often due to personal experience or from having worked with many 999 staff over the years. 

As a team we attend regular CPD events connected to working with emergency services personnel, 

to ensure our understanding of the 999 work remains current and valid.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to the service in due course, and to answering any questions you may have. 

Proof of employment will be requested by the therapist at your first meeting.