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Stepping Stones Counselling and Psychotherapy Limited

Student Counsellors and EMDR Therapists in training

We are delighted to be able to offer both placements and counselling for Student Counsellors, and already act as placement for students at University of Brighton (both modalities, as well as the Masters course); Cara Counselling Training, Worthing as well as several other training colleges. We offer a range of supervisory support which covers trainings in Psychodynamic, Humanistic and Integrative Counselling approaches.

Within our team we have a mix of trained therapists, as well as two who have additional supervision qualifications or are studying towards this qualification.  Our Consultant Psychotherapist, Rebekah, is UKCP and UPCA Registered and approved as a Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor. We also have access to one internal and one external Supervisors, who support our students in the event that Rebekah is unable to for any reason.


In addition, Rebekah is able to offer Supervision for students who are on placement outside of Stepping Stones but need a UKCP Registered Supervisor / UKCP Clinical Psychotherapist.

EMDR Therapy

From Sept 2021 we have also begun to provide training hours and peer support for student EMDR therapists who are gaining their hours for full qualification as EMDR Therapists / accreditation with EMDR UK / Europe.

All student therapists are supported by external EMDR Supervisors, either within their training school or whom they have sourced themselves, and are fully ensured as appropriate to deliver EMDR interventions for clients.

Student Therapists / Psychologists seeking therapy

For those Counselling and Psychology Students who are seeking therapy sessions, Rebekah provides reduced fee sessions and is a UKCP / UPCA Registered Psychotherapist. Her main training is Psychodynamic, however she draws upon Integrative and Systemic leanings as well as her Trauma focused training.

Rebekah offers reduced fee sessions for Counsellors and Psychologists in training, for those who attend on a weekly basis.

NB: Reduced fee rate for Student Counsellors / Psychotherapists / Counselling Psychologists is set at £50 and will be with Rebekah 

(based on weekly therapy only)

Please do call us on 01903 946816, or send us a message using the button below, to ask us any questions you may have.

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