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Stepping Stones Counselling and Psychotherapy Limited

The Green Haven Project

In 2015, Rebekah was exposed to Ecotherapy by the late Dr Martin Jordan, and discovered the incredible impact that therapy in natural spaces can have upon the client, in particular clients who are traumatised.

As a Mindful Meditation Instructor, Rebekah had historically taken clients out into parks and open spaces to benefit from reconnecting with nature, whether this was actively engaging with aspects of nature or just be simply sitting peacefully in natural surroundings.

As her therapeutic practice has expanded, Rebekah has sought to bring more of the outside into the therapeutic space, and to consider clients on an individual basis in relation to taking sessions outside where this has been appropriate. Her PhD thesis is connected to exploring the client experience of psychodynamic therapy in natural environments, and this has seen her linking to international therapists who are providing widely recognised nature based therapy, both with individual clients and within workplace settings.

Ambulance Personnel and Ecotherapy

Rebekah has noticed increasing connections between the efficacy of therapy for ambulance personnel and being outside in nature, and in 2020 she made the decision to begin to develop Stepping Stones further by creating 'The Green Haven Project'.

Rebekah has held a long term aim of creating a respite unit for all ambulance personnel across the UK, and sees The Green Haven Project as being the first step towards this goal. The respite unit will have an ethos set within Ecotherapy, and will provide a range of counselling, psychotherapy,  psycho-educative groups,  Mindful Meditation classes, physical treatments and alternative therapies as well as an indoor and outdoor space for serving and retired Ambulance personnel in the UK to relax both mind and body for two weeks each year.

The Green Haven Project will offer all forms of therapy for Ambulance personnel, including Ecotherapy, and a specific monthly 'subscription' will commence in due course which will allow serving personnel to pay a set amount each month which will entitle them to access 12 sessions of therapy with Stepping Stones therapists, over the course of a year.

We are currently at the stage of agreeing terms of business arrangement with our Accountants, and also to gain investment / grants to fund the provision, however Rebekah hopes that the first stage of the project will commence later in 2021. 

It is hoped that, as the project becomes more widely known across the UK, generated funds will allow the respite unit to become a reality, and that The Green Haven Project will be in a position to fully support and promote the wellbeing of Ambulance personnel in the UK, both by providing specialist therapy, and also a respite unit.

We are also using the proceeds of the sale of our Wellbeing boxes towards The Green Haven Project.

If you would like to learn more about this project,  or are Press / Investors, please contact our Business Manager, Karen, at: [email protected]