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Stepping Stones Counselling and Psychotherapy Limited

The Green Heart of Stepping Stones 

In 2022, The Green Heart of Stepping Stones was set up by Rebekah Golds-Jones (Founder of Stepping Stones) to provide a specialist service for all serving and retired Ambulance Personnel in the UK, and forms a part of the wider cause 'The Collective Hearts of Stepping Stones CIC' which has been created in recognition of the reduced fee work our Managing Director initially set Stepping Stones up to provide to public servants working in frontline, NHS and teaching professions.

The Green Heart website for this can be found at:

By subscribing to the app, through our website, all ambulance personnel can access  12 sessions of therapy

 a year, and 2 lots of group work a year, as well as lots of wellbeing resources, for just £15 per month, 

which is based on a 12 month subscription.

In addition, all subscribers have access to a Crisis Text Line, which is available 24/7, 365 days a year, for any ambulance personnel who are in need is urgent support, whether that is due to a bad shift, relationship breakdown, financial worries, or just because life is causing challenges. 

Those accessing this line will be supported to safety plan as appropriate, and emergency help will be sought in the rare occasion this is required.

Safe service for ambulance personnel

I can't believe that this is being offered to everyone in the ambulance service - this is a huge gift that keeps on giving and something we have needed in the ambulance service for many, many years. Finally  a safe service for us to access when we need to, and a really good standard of support from people who understand the ambulance service too. Thank you so much for creating this for us, Rebekah.