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Stepping Stones Counselling and Psychotherapy Limited

Working in Partnership

At Stepping Stones, we currently work in partnership with several other organisations, with whom we have a shared goal of providing mental health support of the highest quality to those who need our services.  In addition, we always ensure that organisations we work with share our priority in ensuring the client is always at the heart of the work.  

We achieve successful partnerships through regular and open communication, prompt and efficient responses to enquiries and in arranging a swift first appointment for the client. We are extremely proud of our offer to our partners and clients. 

Whilst we have specialist experience in working with 999 responders and NHS staff, our therapists share a wealth of experience of working with clients of all ages and needs and between them offer a wide range of counselling approaches.

"I am really enjoying working with Stepping Stones - you all put our service 

users front and centre of everything you do and for that - thank you."

Please contact Karen, our Business Manager, if you would be interested in discussing

 how we could work together with your organisation:

[email protected]