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Stepping Stones 

Working in Partnership

We are very proud to be actively working in association with a growing number of organisations, to support their staff teams wellbeing and therapeutic needs.

EAP Provision

We consider ourselves very lucky to be providing EAP contracts for the following areas of service, and within this,  providing a range of therapeutic services for staff who, so often, dedicate their lives to protecting and saving others.

NHS Ambulance Services

Several Police Forces

Services within the Transplant Industry

Several NHS Acute hospitals

We are also delighted to also have a network available to us of:

Associated Therapists and Therapeutic Services

At Stepping Stones, we believe deeply in ensuring that any client who makes contact with us receives the most appropriate, timely and highest level of professional therapeutic support. 

Therefore, on the rare occasion where we are unable to respond to you in a timely way, or we believe, following the assessment process, that the you would benefit more from working with a therapist with more specialist skills than we can offer, we will always signpost you to a therapist or service that we believe can provide this standard of service for you.

Due to this, we are very happy to have taken our time in building a network of therapists and therapeutic services who we have complete trust in, and are very proud to be connected to. 

 This is established following a staged process where we reassure ourselves of the professionalism of the therapist or therapeutic service, within which we will always check their ability to respond in a timely way, in order to ensure that any clients we signpost will not be delayed unnecessarily.

Our range of associated therapists and therapeutic services currently consist of:

Psychosexual Therapists

Pre-Court Therapy for those who have been sexually assaulted or abused

Equine and Animal Therapists

Somatic / Movement Therapists

We additionally have strong links to medical services providing:

Consultant Psychiatry

And holistic services providing: